Powell Peralta - Rat Bones Wheels 60mm 90a Green

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Powell Peralta - Rat Bones Reissue Skateboard Wheels 60mm 90a - Green (4 pack)

Brand Powell-Peralta
Wheel Core None
Wheel Diameter 60mm
Wheel Width 44mm
Wheel Hardness 90a
Wheel Formula Natural
Wheel Color Green
Wheel Suggested Use Ditches
Wheel Surface Smooth
Wheel Shape RAT BONE

Original shape, in the formula you can trust.

The Rat Bones wheel was actually a "Rollerbones" product. Rumor has it that while visiting the company one day, Steve Caballero saw the wheels and wanted to try them out on his skateboard. He liked them. The wheels were much lighter than Cubics and Mini Cubics which were eventually phased out in favor the newly dubbed "Rat Bones."