Bronson Speed Co. G3 Bearings

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Bronson Speed Co. G3 Bearings

The Bronson Speed Co. G3 are the next generation of bearings from our friends over at NHS.  Bronson's "Rollin' Deep" deep groove raceways make for a more durable bearing. The balls actually sit deeper in the raceway, increasing lateral strength. The deep groove raceways feature micro-grooved surfaces, which allow lubricant to flow freely between the balls and races, and reduces friction for a faster, smoother roll. Both the deep groove raceways and micro-grooved raceway surfaces are features unique to Bronson bearings, just a couple examples of how Bronson is taking skateboard bearings to the next level. Even the Max-Impact cage design is micro-grooved so that it is not only strong but helps keeps you rolling faster, longer. When installed using Bronson's "Balls Out" orientation and high tolerance spacers, these bearings are designed to hold up to the most aggressive abuse. Other one-of-a-kind features of Bronson Speed Co. bearings include straight edge frictionless shields. Typical bearing shields may be frictionless when new, but due to their design are easily bent and can intrude into the bearing; this increases friction and reduces speed. Bronson bearing shields sit within a groove in the raceway preventing them from becoming warped and effecting the bearings performance, as well as providing superior protection from dirt. Bronson bearings are lubricated with a specially formulated nano ceramic lubricant which is filled with microscopic ceramic balls creating an extremely high speed, low friction lubricant that also protects the bearings from rust. To top it all off, Bronson Speed Co. Nitrogen seals their bearings at the factory guaranteeing the lube maintains its consistency in transport and that your bearings are as fast as the day they were made. 


  • Deep groove raceways
  • Max impact cage design
  • Balls Out technology 
  • Straight edge frictionless shields
  • Micro groove raceway surfaces
  • High speed ceramic oil